Team Operations Assistant

Job Details

Competitive Salary
FREE Lunch
FREE 2 weeks accommodation

This is a rare opportunity for a smart and experienced administrators to join the People & Culture Department of our happy and growing organization in Clark.

Technology Elite is the leading IT staffing facility in the Philippines; we focus on hiring high-end technical skills, and help clients build highly effective teams. Our People and Culture Department is our version of

“Human Resources”. It is more modern, respectful, and positive than a typical HR department. Our organization’s belief is that “we serve two types of customers”. The first type of customer is our client – who pays our invoices.

The second type of customer is actually our employee. Highly technical staff

have many choices for places they can work. When we treat them respectfully as people and serve them like ‘customers’, (instead of as “resources” to use) we form relationships which ensure they want to stay with us for longer. 

You’ll be working in the “People Experiences” group alongside the Team Advisors. The responsibility of People Experiences is to help every employee have a productive and positive experience, while they work with our client. 

This is a newly created role which is designed to become a vital support role to assist the Team Advisors. What you do every day will be very important work that directly assists the Team Advisors to welcome new staff and solve problems for our “two types of customers”. With this role you can make your mark within our caring Australian-owned company and grow your career. 

Daily Attendance Tracking

  • Check every person (within their client group) has clocked in for work. 
  • Check every hour at the most common employee start times.
  • The rest of the day, check periodically. 
  • Call all employees who have not checked in. Update the CRM with the outcome. 
  • Report to their Team Advisor which employees were called today, and who is still missing. 
  • Call employees daily who failed to clock out and check if they are ok, and remind them to fix their clock out for yesterday. 
  • Compile attendance anomalies into monthly TA reporting. 

Performance Evaluation Assistance

  • Scheduling employee future PEs 
  • Tracking due/overdue – Add to monthly reporting 
  • Following Up with Client on completing PEs 
  • Creating the Form Scheduling boss/employee meetings 
  • Filing of completed PEs 
  • Completing PAFs, give to P-Ops, follow up to completion. 
  • Sitting in the meeting for easy/non-problematic PEs on behalf of the TA – taking notes.
The Team Advisor MUST still be the one to check in with the employee after the PE to find out if they understood all of the PE and are content with the outcomes. 

Personnel Action Forms (PAF)

  • Coordinating and following up with People Operations 
  • Making sure all details in the PAF are correct (as per client and TA discussions) 

NTE / Coaching / Disciplinary Actions (inter-departmental coordinator)

  • Opens a case for the Disciplinary Action 
  • Responsible for obtaining NTE documentation from P-Ops within required time frame.
  • (TA must still get the ‘offense’ info from the client and decide if its adequate.) 
  • Tracking and following up what will be the next step after NTE 
  • Check with TA to close the case

Recruitment Campaigns

  • Updating of Vacancy Sheet 
  • Following up with Accounts if invoice has been sent and has payment has been received 
  • Has the campaign commenced

Pre-Induction welcoming new hires support 
Including the freshly signed staff into team calls? (before their first day) 
What else do we do? 
Pre-Induction Day Checklist
  • Separate to Induction Day. Most of the pre-induction checklist can be done by the Assistant who is associated with the client of the starting employee. The induction day prep is done by whichever one assistant is on duty for that shift
  • Make sure the pre-induction readiness checklist is complete for each employee onboarding – each assistant responsible for their own client group
  • Coordinate within departments if anything on the checklist is missing
Induction Day Requirement 
  • This is conducted by the Team Ops Assistant who is:
  • Final check that everything is complete for all employees being inducted that shift 
  • Prep the welcome packs
  • Prep the meeting room, snacks etc
  • IDs ready
Updating of CRM details 
  • After every meeting, every relevant email, or upon request by a TA. 
  • Client  
  • Boss name, title, contact details include cell number 
  • Employees 
  • Update all NEW employees weekly using P-Ops info OR does the info come from recruitment and the assistant enters it into P-Ops systems 
Monthly Client Reporting – To be refined over
  • Two column tabled report sent in the BODY of an email. 
  • Prepared by the Team Ops Assistant, and checked/sent
  • by the TA 
Ad hoc QA tasks – upon request from any Team Advisor
  • Follow-ups on pending purchases like uniforms  
  • Follow up if ID has been printed already and make sure ID info is correct (QA the ID) 
  • Coordinating itinerary and bookings (staff and client) with the Client Concierge)

Skills and Qualifications

  • No degree or other qualifications are necessary. We care more about skill than about certificates. 
  • Full training will be provided, but your background needs to have some relevant experience. 


  • Competitive Salary Package
  • Two-week FREE accommodation near the office including the shuttle for those who will relocate to Pampanga
  • 20 days PTO (Paid Time Off) annually
  • Free daily cooked meal
  • HMO for the employee from the first day of employment
  • All government mandated benefits including 13th month pay