Dedicated 3,200sqm floor in a 6-story building


Pandemic Mitigation Features


  • Latest fresh-air induction air conditioners throughout the facility.
  • Hinge windows at ceiling height to channel prevailing breeze inside
  • 25% larger desks for greater staff comfort and Social Distancing,
  • 50% lower staff density than our former office

Productivity & Skills Features

  • 12 different meeting areas, from Video 1 on 1 rooms to small and big
  • team rooms.
  • Largest training room has mobile & foldable desks supporting multiple
  • room layouts, and able to fit ~50 people.
  • IT Training Lab featuring a variety of physical IT equipment to build, break
  • and fix.
  • Lots of customizable Private Suites for clients who want their own office
  • within our office.
  • The shared work areas (now called “Shared Hubs”) limited to 40 staff in
  • each area, with sound barriers between hubs.
  • Professional desk mounting for monitors and laptops, with adjustable
  • height and orientation. (Continued from previous office.)

Wellbeing and Social Features


  • Nature-themed lounge/breakout areas
    • Forest themed breakout area
    • Ocean themed lounge
  • Zen room with activities soon including yoga, meditation, pebble stack.
  • Computer Games Room, setup for computer gaming tournaments, plus arcade emulators.
  • Physical games like Table tennis, foosball, Giant Jenga and Connect Four.
  • Large “Community Hall” Room which can be booked by staff social / hobby groups for their activities. (Coordinated through our Yammer social platform).
  • Month-End and large company events catered by a merged event space of approx. 500m2. (Eg allows 250+ to attend each Month-End celebration.)

Buffet lunch is free every day. 

Food creates opportunities for bonding, every day.

Work is already serious, 

let’s spend other time being not at all serious.

Table tennis has proven to be a fun way for people 

to make new friends, and for competitive people 

to engage in tournaments.

The  ocean and forest themed areas provide some visual calm and both social and quiet private spaces

Month End center around games and prizes to de-stress and promote making and furthering friendships.

Physical games like giant jenga, chess and connect 4 encourage exercising the brain in a social setting but away from screens and tech.

Our silent music studio uses a mixer and headphones to allow full noise music fun, with no sound 

outside the headsets.

Towards the end of the year we start accumulating a large number of raffle prizes which all staff have a chance to win.


The pile of prizes in 2021 (only partially pictured below) eventually grew so large that staff had a 1 in 2 chance of winning something.