Introducing: Elite Training Academy


The purpose of this training solution is to provide a convenient way for staff to improve their commercially valuable and personal skills and to provide a logistically simple method for clients to increase training for their staff, with minimal operational impact during the training. 

Through this training solution, retention can be improved and the pressure on salary inflation can be eased by helping staff with career development.

Current List of Courses 


100 Series: Soft Skills Courses 

  • 110 Time Management & Optimizing Productivity (Team Leadership Part 1
  • 120 Effective Communications in the Workplace (Team Leadership Part 2
  • 130 Emotional Intelligence (Team Leadership Part 3
  • 140 Confrontation Skills and Maintaining Standards (Team Leadership Part 4
  • 150 Constructive Feedback, Reporting & Escalation, Recommending Improvements (Team Leadership Part 5
  • 160 Telephone Techniques for Top Customer Service  
  • 170 Goal Setting

200 Series: Culturally Focused Courses 

  • 210 Cultural Intelligence (understanding “Western” management) 

300 Series: IT Technical Courses 

  • 310 Server Hardware Fundamentals  
  • 321 Firewall / Security Appliance Fundamentals – Part 1  
  • 330 ISC2 Certified in Cyber Security (Starting Jan 24 + optional exam-based certification) 

400 Series: Financial Technical Courses 

  • Financial Freedom Made Simple  


  • Health and Wellness for the Family 
*The clients pay the low cost monthly training subscription fee for their staff, but that staff can also pay for it.